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Split tail Shads 9cm per pak 5st USA gemaakt top

Split tail Shads 9cm per pak 5st USA gemaakt top
Split tail Shads 9cm per pak 5st USA gemaakt top
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Artikelnummer TLH1275 
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Video Jerkbait fishing has been around for a long time. But until the Split Tail, Jr. every other jerkbait was essentially the same bait by a different manufacturer. The Split Tail, Jr. changes all that. This bait is hollow inside, creating a much slower fall if fished with an unweighted hook. The real power of the bait is the ability to add lead in the hollow cavity. You can add a rattle too, if conditions dictate. We even have Pros adding scent, and another uses foam to enclose the cavity creating a waking jerkbait. As we said, there is no jerkbait on the market that is in the league of the Split Tail, Jr. This bait is available in 4 or 5 inch sizes and comes in a 5 pack! Proprietary final dipping process locks eyes and paint patterns below a clear layer of soft plastic! The beautiful finish you see when you buy the lures will last until the biggest, meanest fish in your waters absolutely chomp them. During testing, this bait was absolutely deadly on bass, redfish, walleye, pike and musky. Tie one on and say hello to the biggest fish in your lake.

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